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Why do we leave jobs

Neither Organization Nor Boss…We Leave Sick Jobs Or For Better Prospects!

Paremvir Malik | [email protected]

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Keywords: Sick jobs, Better prospects, Why do we leave jobs

While going through a wonderful article on Boss – Subordinate relationship I came across a simple question put forth by the Author for contemplation… did you leave job because of Organization or Boss??

So, why do we leave jobs? Since yesterday, my subconscious mind was brainstorming by way of why – why analysis, was it the boss or organization or something else and finally, it found the answer it was neither the organization nor the bosses but the sick job or much better prospects! What do I mean by sick jobs or better prospects? I zeroed down to following indicators;

  1. Monotony – day in day out nothing different… very set and standard process, Punch IN – Lunch – Punch Out
  2. No Challenge – your job is unattractive in nature, none interested to take it up or pose a challenge (I will reserve giving example here as I wish to not disrespect any job or profession).
  3. No Competition – Probably you are the only subject matter expert or a retainer in the organization, your propositions are often not contested or questioned or probably not given much attention.
  4. Reservist – You are readily available but you are on bench / dressing room waiting for your need to be felt.
  5. Status Quo Culture – The mass around you are dead woods, happy to maintain status quo in terms of speed and quality of work.
  6. Your Aspirations – Your aspirations are much greater than the environment around you, you feel like a pilot but not on a supersonic aircraft.
  7. The Social Status Factor – You wish to be associated with the Big B’s of the Corporate for social recognition and glamorous environment.
  8. The Money Factor – You have got a “Can’t say No Offer with fabulous pay, perks and benefits”
  9. Near My Home Factor – The new assignment coming your way has a location advantage boosting your work life balance or curtailing your travel time.
  10. The Hobby Factor – The new assignment is what you actually love to do.
  11. The Pride Factor – The new assignment is giving you an opportunity to develop / deliver such a product or service which will impact masses and make your mark on history of a society… like Nandan left Infosys for Aadhaar Project. Like high flying professionals quit their jobs for social development projects.

The cause list is endless, but as the social dynamics are changing I believe it’s time that we challenge the Boss – Company blame theory too or our diagnosis will never lead to right remedies!

Last but not the least, no stake holder ever desires the organization to be a failure nor does a manager desires to be at the explanation end for higher team attrition in today’s data based and people dependent competitive business scenario. I agree, exceptions may always be there but not the only reason always thus this topic demands a fresh approach!

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