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How does Lean Six Sigma help the Make in India Campaign?

Make in India campaign is an ambitious plan of the Indian Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. India has all the potential to be the top notch manufacturing hub for the world. But do you think Lean Six Sigma can help the Make in India campaign.

If you have to march towards prosperity, the you have think differently. You have to take the best of the entire world and see how it can help you in your path towards success. One step in this direction is using Lean Six Sigma.

So, how Lean Six Sigma can help Make in India campaign?

During the week-long “Make in India” fair that closed on Thursday (February 18, 2016), $222 billion in investment pledges were made. With the major investment being brought to India, the global companies would always want to keep their cost even low so that they can be competitive. Here comes the role of Lean Six sigma. Lean Six Sigma helps is reducing process variations, eliminating waste, simplifying tasks, reducing defects and thus making the organization more profitable. When these organizations use Lean Six Sigma, not only they will be able to translate the voice of customer to better products but also will be able to deliver the products at a much cheaper cost.

How will you get benefited out of it?

With the investment that would be made, this will also generate employment to the tune of 2 million across India, so these companies will always prefer employees that can add value to the bottom line. And if you are Lean Six Sigma Certified Professional, then you are going to be the preferred choice of these employers.

Do what should be done?

Take the first step in this direction, keep upgrading your skills so that you are in the front row, when the vacancies are created. So you can start with the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and get know the basics of Lean Six Sigma, of if you want the advanced courses, you can go ahead with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training.

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