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A qualified team of consultants will be assigned for your organisation These consultants will be an expert in the field of Gemba Kaizen . They will conduct several workshops and will explain the principles of Gemba Kaizen.

Our consultants will then facilitate your team members to carry out the value stream mapping for your entire organisation.

Based on the value stream mapping and the quantum of losses identified, several Gemba Kaizen projects will be identified and project groups will be formulated.

Our consultants will then regularly visit your organization based on the interval that is mutually agreed upon to review the performance of these projects. During each visit of the consultants, performance of the various projects will be reviewed and specific guidelines and techniques will be explained in order to take the project further. Assignment will be given by the consultants which has to be worked upon by the project groups.

Your team will have adequate time to interact and learn from our consultants during their visit.

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